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Web Groups

Msn Online Interactive Web Group  This msn web group is a great place to mingle with other people in the community who share similar interests about Nuclear issues.  By joining the msn online community, you'll have access to an array of networking elements, these include; online calendar, file up loader, picture albums, forum, and last but certainly not least, online live chat. So indulge in these free tools by signing up now by clicking here  If you don't have a .net passport yet, no worries msn will walk you through the process.  If a web community isn't for you, maybe just signing up for our newsletters may be of interest instead. 



We have 2 formal newsletters.  One by email which is mailed out weekly, or our printed newsletter which is mailed out on a monthly basis.   To sign up for our Email Newsletter you must enter your Email address in the box below and click the Join Now button. Then click the back button on your browser to return to the support page.

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If your more interested in receiving a printed copy of our newsletter send us an email with your full contact information, mailing address, or fax number by clicking here


Material Support

TANAC  always appreciates the material support offered to it by the community.  Whether it be the offering of copying services, venues for meetings and forums, prizes for raffles and the like, nothing goes unnoticed as all these and many other offerings are essential to TANACís existence.  If you feel that you, your company or organization can contribute in any way, feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or in person.

Also, serious contributors may wish to view the current items listed below that are essential to TANACís effective function as a member of civil society.  Members of TANAC are members of your community, and as such are faced with the reality of limited resources in contrast to a nuclear industry that benefits from unimaginable amounts of subsidized money.  Our opinions are priceless, but hell letís face it, it costs money to express them.

If you are interested in donating please contact us at

T.A.N.A.C  Timmins email

58 Algonquin Blvd East, Timmins Ontario, P4N1A2 postal only

(705) 264-6319 -phone

            TANAC is currently seeking contributions to cover the costs of web design, internet service, hosting and domain registration.  Funds are also very much appreciated to get the printing of the newsletter started, it will cost approximately 1.00 per copy, if purchased in bulk(200copies)

       last updated November 28/04

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