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Is the regional coalition of environmental and citizen organizations and individual members in northeastern Ontario. Founded in January of 1988, Northwatch has as a priority issues that are of a regional nature;  energy use, generation and conservation; forest conservation and wild areas protection; waste management and water quality issues; mining; and militarization.        

View NorthWatch's website by clicking here



Sierra Club 

Offers a very elaborate links page to all things dealing with Nuclear Waste.  I'd encourage you to browse the rest of the site, as even the rest of the site is chock full of info.  

View Sierra's page by clicking here

Nuclear Waste Watch

 Is a  Network of Organizations Concerned about High Level Radioactive Waste and Nuclear Power in Canada

View their Website by clicking here.


Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (C.O.A.T.)

Although this organization concerns itself with the arms trade in particular, it is very relevant to the nuclear issue as a whole.  Many links can be made between nuclear production, waste and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  Very resourceful site.  They also publish a magazine

You can View COAT's by clicking here


The Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout (CNP)

Represents a coalition of Canadian public interest organizations concerned with the environmental consequences of nuclear power generation. CNP's mandate has been endorsed by over 300 public interest groups from across Canada. CNP's national office is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

You can view CNP's website by clicking here


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