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TANAC has its sites set on many objectives.  The issue of nuclear waste management offers us many opportunities to develop community and understanding and learn to participate effectively in matters that drastically effect our lives.  At present, we aim for the following:

To participate in on-going dialogue by engaging in letter writing campaigns, attending NWMO meetings, creating dialogue forums of our own and the like.

  Encouraging others to participate as well.

Research issues raised during open dialogue or neglected during periods of debate.

  Offer findings of this research in a comprehensive manner to the public.

 Expose nuclear waste proponents and their biases.

   Engage in community outreach projects.

      Create a Website that will serve as a resource for those interested in nuclear energy and itís inevitable nuclear waste.

Create Internet groups that will allow posts and replies to opinions directly from those in our community.

Although these objectives are outlined in detail, it must be remembered that they will remain flexible in order to reflect the ideas that may be highlighted by new participants to the group.  The amount of consideration offered to newly presented objectives will depend on decisions made on the basis of consensus by TANAC participants active at that time.

It has been recognized that there must remain an element of flexibility within the group.  Within groups such as TANAC there tends to be a flux in the number of actively engaged participants and the decision making process should reflect that aspect to enable the goals of the organization to head forward in a fair and democratic fashion.

This said, it has also been recognized through experience that a set of objectives must be established as a mandate before an organization makes its existence known.  The objectives set above are a result of numerous iterations between current members of TANAC.


TANAC's Executives

Larry Levesque & Lizanne Levesque

Sahaja Freed &

Christa Bobrowski

Contact Info for TANAC  and/or  TANAC'S executives  can be found on the support page



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